Top 9 Timeless Clothing Items – Men and Women

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first installment of a Top 9’s countdown! Each month, we will bring you the Top 9 of something in the fashion industry. The Top 9’s for the Month of October: Clothing pieces that will never go out of style. Since we here at Pared are equal-opportunity bloggers, we decided to publish a list for Guys AND a list for Girls. Ladies first!


Little Black Dress

Just reading that headline immediately brought guys and girls to the same image: A black dress that falls above the knee that can be dressed up or down depending on the event. It looks great on its own but also works well with accessories making it a timeless piece.

Blue Blazer

Some of you might not be tracking with us when we throw Blazers into the discussion, but these will never go out of style. Job interview? Throw on the Blue Blazer over a button up and dress skirt. Night out? Throw on the Blue Blazer and some jeans. While it does provide a little bit more formal of a look, the Blue Blazer can be used for virtually any occassion.

Classic Button Up

Need we say more? Button up shirts are the epitome of versatility, something you can probably tell is a common theme among timeless clothing.

Casual Dress/Sun Dress

While these might be more suited for warm summertime weather, it will be a cold day in hell before these go out of style. For best results, try having a few different go-to dresses in different colors and patterns to mix up the wardrobe. P.S. – The thin belt around a casual dress is a great look 100 percent of the time.


Comfortable yet stylish, sophisticated yet affordable, flats are everything a lady could want in a shoe. They go great with just about anything and can be worn at any occasion. Tall girls: flats are clutch when it comes to dressing up without making you appear too tall, which brings us to our next piece of clothing…heels.


Stilettos, pumps, wedges, booties, they all have one thing in common: it’s a high-heeled shoe. The options are endless, which allows for some of these to be more trendy than classic. However, the concept of high-heels has never faded as a premier choice for women’s fashion.

Dark Jeans

Now don’t get us wrong, light jeans have their place in fashion too, but dark jeans fall into the “never go out of style” category because they are casually classy and always will be.

Trench Coat

Keeping you warm and stylish since the mid 1800’s, this piece is coming up on it’s 160th birthday and isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.


A watch is one of those little things that goes a long way. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I spend money or two or three watches when I have a phone that tells me the time?” That’s a fair question, but if you’re in a meeting or on a date that’s going south and you want to know the time without being rude, it’s a lot easier to glance at your wrist than to pull your phone out of your bag.

Now for the Fellas!


Navy Suit/Blazer

Ladies look great in blue blazers, but this is a must-have for guys as well. A well-fitted navy suit or blazer can be worn to occasions as fancy as a wedding or as relaxed as a night out to the bars. Key word: well-fitted. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good tailor!

Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt

Now this one is almost strictly for a more relaxed look, but can be worn under certain articles of clothing (see navy blazer) to provide a sophisticated yet chill look. If you can have a solid t-shirt in each color, you open your options up when it comes to “layering.”

Classic Button-Up

Much like the ladies, this piece can work well in any situation. Very formal: wear it under a blazer or suit with a nice tie. Formal: Experiment with how many buttons to leave undone (see “How to Look Good in Clothes that you Already Have“) or with a tie. Casual: Wear it alone with the sleeves rolled. You have options.

Dark Jeans

Sorry guys, but light jeans should only really be worn on three occasions: if it’s summertime and you want a brighter outfit, if you can time travel back to the 90’s, or if you just had a child and are really going for the dad look. Other than that, stick with the dark jeans.


Now understand khakis are like a blank canvas. The color can go with almost anything (except another khaki color and some greys) and there are multiple styles. Khakis can be as dressy as slacks or as relaxed as jeans with a khaki coloring. Just make sure to wear the right style with the right occassions.

Black/Brown Dress Shoes

My buddy John was getting ready for an interview the other day and had a great outfit: Light blue button up, neatly-pressed khakis, and a brown belt (which is our next item on the list). He then proceeded to throw on worn-down Sperry’s and almost went to the interview looking like that. I asked, “Why aren’t you wearing dress shoes and dress socks?” To which he replied, “I’ll never need those in my industry (he’s a chemist).” WRONG. Everyone needs one pair of brown leather and one pair of black leather dress shoes. End of discussion.

Leather Belt

Much like the shoes, leather belts are both timeless and essential. When wearing jeans, one can get away with the no-belt look. However, if you are wearing leather shoes, match those shoes with the same or a similar color leather belt. It goes a long way and will never go out of style.


See the women’s watch paragraph but replace “bag” with “pocket.” NEXT!

Ray Ban Wayfarer’s

Last but not least is a timeless accessory. They’ve been around since the Kennedy administration and if they are good enough for the Commander-in-Chief, they’re good enough for you.


How to Look Good in Clothes that you Already Have

On our last few blog posts, we’ve been showing you all what to look for in the stores to enhance your style. Remember: upgrading your wardrobe will not happen overnight. It takes time! You only have so much money to spend. So, we thought it would be a great idea to give you some advice on how to boost your look without touching your wallet.

Use Colors to your Advantage: Before you start pick the colors that you’re going to wear that day, think of the colors that define you naturally. What are the colors of your hair, eyes, and skin? If you have blue or green eyes, try to wear cold colors (blue, green, purple, etc.) that will bring your eyes out. If you have a fair skin, try to find contrasting colors and avoid wearing heavy amounts of black, as this would make you look “washed out”. A great article for advice on how to match colors with your skin tone can be found here.

skin tone

Avoid Tennis Shoes: Tennis shoes and gym shoes are great… when you’re working out or running around. Avoid wearing them any other time. You could be wearing an awesome outfit but have it ruined by wearing a  pair of neon green Nikes. Shoes are the piece that completes an outfit. A clean pair of casual shoes or boots will do justice in any situation.

Rock the Socks: Socks are fantastic. Although they are almost at the bottom part of your body, a bold pair of socks can emphasize the look that you’re going for. They can act as a statement piece that will make a good outfit look great. First thing to stay away from: white socks. Like tennis shoes, they should only be worn during workouts and other physical activity. Another rule is that the color of your socks should match the color of your pants, not your shoes. Find some socks that are bold but will coordinate well with your pants. The only time you don’t want to break out these statement socks are for business settings and funerals. Otherwise, go crazy. You can find cheap socks like these here.

Tuck in your Shoe Laces: Instead of walking around with clunky knots on your shoes, try tucking the knots in. A lot of shoes give you extra long laces, leaving you with Dumbo-sized ears on your knots. Tucking in your laces will give you a fresher, cleaner look. But, this won’t work with all shoes. We’ll give you some examples of which shoes to tuck and others you want to leave alone. Just mess around with it a little bit and see what suits you.

Tame the Mane: Hair is as important as clothes when it comes to the way you look. You need to treat your hair like it’s another piece of clothing. But unlike a certain clothing item, you’re always wearing your hair, so why not make it look as best as possible? Guys, try to find a hair gel or paste that works well with your hair, so you can position it just the way you want. Girls, don’t just throw your hair into a ponytail or bun and call it quits, try different braid and curl combinations to make it stand out. For everyone, always be trying different things with your hair. Experiment with styles and find something that’s right for you.


Rule the Roll (Legs): Rolling your pants will make any outfit look trendy and stylish. Before you roll them to the point where your pants become shorts, let me walk you through some rules. When wearing boots/high top shoes, you usually want to put a single fold in your pants. This creates a fashionable and classy look. When wearing low top shoes, putting multiple rolls in your shoes is acceptable. Usually, you will see people with one to three rolls in their pants. The higher you roll, the more trendy you will look.

Rule the Roll (Arms): When it comes to long sleeve button downs, a good roll never hurt anyone. However, different lengths indicate different things. Rolling to above the elbow is viewed as being really relaxed. Generally, if you’re as thin as us you would want to stay away from this look, as it is unflattering for those with petite arms. Stick with a roll that is below the elbow, and try to make it as tight as possible (without cutting off circulation) to create a better overall fit around the arm. When wearing sweaters, tuck the sweater’s sleeves a little further back and fold over the cuff of your shirt so that it can be shown on top. It will add more substance to what you’re wearing. For short sleeve button ups, giving two folds revolving around the seam can add some style to your look. For more information, take a look at this article.

Work the Buttons: A common question you may ask yourself when throwing on a shirt is, “How many buttons do I leave unbuttoned?”. Well, we’re here to answer just that. The correct answer is there is no right amount. There is a different number for a different look. For a classic style, leave the top button unbuttoned and that’s it. If you want to wear a nice shirt in an informal setting, experiment with unbuttoning two buttons. This will give a classy yet confident look. If you want to look like a Hawaiian then you can keep unbuttoning lower, but we’re just going to stick with two for now. The boldest and bravest one is to button that top button. This will instantly make a simple outfit hip and trendy. And remember, trendy looks best on the slim. Just be careful to use the right shirt for it. But overall, don’t be afraid to try all three methods. Change up the way you look.

The main thing is that you need to be comfortable in what you wear. Everything that you put on your body needs to be worn with confidence. When following our tips, start simple and then branch outward into the latest styles and trends. By making these alterations, you can flip an outfit upside down and change the look of it completely.

Top 12 Shopping Tips

Shopping for clothes is awesome, if you do it right. But a lot of times, people see it as time consuming, boring, and expensive. I agree that it can be if you don’t do it right. Walking around from store to store for hours can be tedious and exhausting, and buying the wrong clothes can drop a bomb on your bank account. It’s about time we put an end to the negative shopping stereotypes. Here are some great tips to help you shop quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank.

  1. Try everything on– Don’t just buy something because it looks cool. Try it on and see if it suits you. Does it fit? Does it go with your style? These are questions you should always ask yourself.
  2. Don’t speed shop– This goes with the last one. Don’t be running around the store trying to get in and out. Take a little bit of time to see everything the store has to offer… It isn’t a race, people. But at the same time, don’t take too much time looking at things. You’re going to be drained by the time you get to the second store. That’s not what you want.
  3. Find things that match clothes you already have– You want to find things that will match things you already have. A good rule of thumb: If it doesn’t match 3-5 things you already own, don’t buy it. This will save you money now, and frustration later when you can’t find anything to match your new maroon floral jacket.
  4. Shop with a list– Look at your wardrobe… What do you need? Ok, write it down. Now STICK TO THE LIST. Sticking to a list will save you time and money.
  5. Don’t be tempted by the “sale” sign– Most of the time, the sale and clearance rack is your saving grace. You can find some awesome stuff there. Just be careful. If something was $200 and now its $150… Did you really save that much?
  6. Buy the clothing, not the brand– I’m sick of people who buy Ralph Lauren or Vineyard Vines just to say they have it. Don’t get me wrong, they have some great clothes, but it’s not worth the price that they charge you. Look for clothes that fit your budget and your body. Trust me, there’s a lot of great alternatives out there.
  7. Pay in cash– Before you head out to go shopping, stop at the bank and pull out the amount of cash you want to spend. This will stop you from going over your budget.
  8. Wear something nice- When you shop, wear some of your best clothes. It will make you feel more confident and you will look at stuff closer to what you’re wearing. But don’t make the mistake of wearing a ton of layers or clothes that are difficult to take off. Remember, you’re going to be changing in and out of them… so keep that in mind.
  9. Struggling? Check some fashion blogs– We don’t want to toot our own horn, but check out what other people are saying! People understand the struggles of shopping and, like us, are willing to help.
  10. Coupons are your best friend– At some stores, these may be hard to find. But even signing up for email lists and store memberships can be really helpful. A lot of stores offer exclusive sales to people who are signed up for their emails!
  11. Shop alone or with a trusted advisor– Sometimes, shopping is fun with friends. But many times, people will tempt you to buy things you don’t really need or things that more fit their style. Shop alone or with someone you trust that is aware of what you need, your budget, and your style.
  12. Don’t shop while emotional– Shopping while emotional can be a huge mistake. You will often find yourself buying things in excess to try to make yourself feel better. You may feel ok now, but when you check your bank account, you’ll be even more upset.

Follow these tips and I guarantee the next time you shop it will be a complete success. Stay tuned for more tips this week, people!

This Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

What’s up, everyone!

How many of you have gone shopping and just been overwhelmed by the different clothing items you see? You look around in the store and you’re like, “shoot… what’s in this season? What do I buy?” Well we’re here to help you out. We’re going to tell you everything that’s trending this year… along with our opinion on whether these trends will stay or not. Some are awesome and others are a little unexpected. But here’s the fashion lowdown for this fall and winter.

The Sixties are Back

No, this doesn’t mean grow an afro and buy some bell bottoms (although, that would be incredible). Rather, men need to tailor their pants to a slim fit that are cropped around the ankle, and women—look for some mini-dresses with those bold 60’s patterns.

Will it stay?    We can only hope so.

Lots and Lots of Green

Here comes Kermit the Frog’s favorite fashion trend this season. We’re not telling you to dress in green from head to toe, but think about investing in some olive pants or a nice jacket.

Will it stay?    Yup! We’re thinking this will be around for a few seasons.

Arts and Crafts

Here’s a ladies-only trend. Coats and dresses are taking on some surprising new materials. We’re looking at dresses that look like something you would get from an art show. In addition, a surprising material is also taking the stage. Velvet.

Will it stay? Ehh… Let me know if someone actually buys one of these.

Ponchos and Blankets

The designers are predicting a brutally cold winter because they’re attempting to fully equip girls with heavy ponchos and oversized carrying blankets for the fellas. Wondering what a carrying blanket is? Literally a blanket that you carry around on your shoulder.

Will it stay?    Stylish ponchos for girls, YES. These carrying mankets? Not a chance.

Oversized Coats

While in our last blog we said to stay away from gigantic clothes, this trend is all about the XL length, not the XL width. Many of these are raincoats or a coat that would fit nicely over a suit. This trend goes for girls, as well.

Will it stay?    Until spring, at best.

Black on Black… With some White

The trend is exactly how it sounds. We’re looking at all black with a white trim somewhere in the outfit. And ladies, for you we have seen that trim of white get substituted with a trim of neon.

Will it stay?    Every time the designers try to come out with single-color look, it always crashes and burns. Last season, they told us all gray was in, and did we ever see much of it? Not really. So no, it’s not staying.


That’s right, orange. We’re not just talking about an orange tie or some orange heels. These fashion gurus are putting out blazers and dresses in this loud and flashy color.

Will it stay?    We’re saying yes on this one. We’re already seeing stores supporting this new trend by stocking their shelves with every shade imaginable.

Cover Up that Neck

As a type of body that encourages sweaters, we slim and tall folk should accept this trend with opened arms. Time to break out those turtlenecks and rollnecks because here’s a trend that we think will stay.

Will it stay?    We’re predicting this one will be around for a few seasons.

Slim-Cut Quilted Jackets

Well that’s good news. Slim fits to make us look good and a warm quilted jacket to fight against the cold weather.

 Will it stay?    Just like the baseball jackets we’ve seen in previous seasons, we think this one will be here to stay.

 Unexpected Hats

For guys, it’s the fedora. It’ll take a bold personality to pull it off, but it’s doable. For the women, it’s a wide-brimmed hat that gives them a Southwestern look.

Will it stay?    We’ll believe it when we see it.

Trends Here to Stay

Cropped/rolled pants, camouflage, and baseball jackets. So if you haven’t invested yet, it’s time to do so.


Out of all the trends we have seen for this fall, these are the ones that are most likely to stay. If you’re feeling bold, go out and get one of those velvet dresses, or something that you never thought you could pull off. The key to dressing trendy is to dress with confidence. Find what you like and what you think you look good in and wear it proud.

*For visuals, follow the hyperlinks within the article! We’re scared of copyright laws*

Guys Fashion 101

Happy Monday everybody!

Yes… I know Monday’s suck, but I’ve got some great stuff to share with you all to make your day a little better. I’ve got a lot to share so let’s just get right to the point. Today, I’m going to dish out some tips for us tall/skinny guys on what you should be wearing and how to look awesome!

Tailored Fit Clothing I cannot stress enough how important this is… Especially for people with slim body types. Tailored fit clothing is crucial, guys! Many think that wearing bigger sizes will add figure and strength to their bodies, when it actually does just the opposite! Think about it… They cover up every shape on your body and make you look EVEN SMALLER. You’ll be walking around like a turtle in an oversized shell. Slim tailored fit clothing is a must.

Pants/Jeans- It’s really important that you don’t wear pants that are too wide or too thin. Wearing trousers that are too big makes your torso look disproportionate to the rest of your body. Even if you find pants with the correct waist size, they may be too baggy. You’re buying jeans, not sweatpants. So if you can fit another set of legs into a pair of pants, don’t wear them. In addition, stay away from skinny jeans. Guys, wearing skinny jeans will make you look even thinner. Also, if you can, get yourself some corduroys or other texture-defined pants. For larger body types these heavy fabrics can be overpowering, but for you they would be perfect.


T-Shirts- Guys, this is the easiest thing for your wardrobe to be fixed. If you’re on the taller and thinner side, crew neck t-shirts are recommended. V-necks are OK, but they can make you look even thinner. Just watch how deep the “V” is… the shallower the better. Find crew necks that are long enough on the waist and tight enough around the torso and you’ll be all set.

Sweaters- Get excited people because winter is a thin person’s best season. Winter clothes look the best on slim people because it allows them to wear lots of layers without looking too big or bulky. Sweaters are a big factor here. Like t-shirts, try to stay away from v-neck sweaters and look for turtlenecks, quarter-zip, and cardigans (zip or button-down). And like we said with pants, try to find sweaters with textures and patterns ingrained because they especially look good for your slim body type.

Trendy Styles- You’re in luck. Why? Because those fashion designers in Europe have your body type specifically in mind when creating each season’s fashion trends. These trends often have bold pieces that only the thin can typically pull off. We’ll make sure to share with you some of this season’s fashion trends soon. But for now, try to get yourself a few trendy pieces per season. They won’t break the bank and will keep you in style.

How a Shirt Should Fit You

Alright guys,

When I’m out on the streets, I can’t help but notice people out and about wearing shirts that don’t fit their body types. I see this time and time again on tall and/or slim body types.  Either the person’s shirt is so big that they’re swimming in them or so tight that they’re being suffocated. If you’re one of these people, ITS OK! As I mentioned before, I’ve had my fair share of struggles when it’s come to clothes shopping. It just takes a little practice, people. Even though it may be difficult, those shirts that fit perfectly are out there. You just need to know what to look for. Next time you are out shopping, this is what you should search for:

Sleeve Length-  Over the years, I’ve noticed that this feature on a shirt is really difficult for us tall/slim people to find. The hardest part about it, hands down, is finding a sleeve long enough for us. Often times I’ll find an awesome shirt and want to pull out my wallet immediately, but when I throw it on in the dressing room, I find myself now wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt. THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT! I know you all feel my pain. But I’ve also seen just the opposite. People will go try a shirt on and it covers what they need, along with what they don’t. They say, “Oh look, it covers my entire arm! I’m good to go”. But really, it covers their arms, hands, fingers, and everything that shouldn’t be covered. And bunching up the sleeve isn’t going to solve anything. If you do that, you’re gonna be walking around looking like Popeye with material bunched up around the forearm. Moral of the story, your shirt should end right at the joint between your hand and wrist. This is what you’re lookin’ for:

photo 1

Shoulder Seam- A lot of people I know aren’t even aware of this. Its often neglected entirely. Listen up, people. The shoulder seam placement can and make the difference between looking like an overdressed hobo and looking sleek, sexy, and stylish. If the seam rests on top of the shoulder, the shirt will ride up the shoulder and make it look tight. If the seam sits below the shoulder, then the shirt looks sad and baggy as it falls from where it should be. The shoulder seam needs to be right on the curve of your shoulder in order for it to look fitted. Prime example of perfection right here:

photo 2

Tightness of the Torso- When you look at what you’re wearing, how much extra room do you have around your belly? If you’re like the rest of us, then it is usually way too much. The fit around the torso is the most noticeable way to tell if the piece fits or not. However, this also depends on one’s personal preference. So go ahead and cheer because there is some wiggle room here. Personally, I enjoy a tighter fit. But, I also have friends who like the “loose” fit. But that’s an entirely different story that we’ll tackle another time. Either way, some guidelines need to be followed. The shirt should not be too tight. We’re already thin enough and don’t need to be showing that off any more. If you find it difficult to inhale because the expansion of your lungs is restricted by your shirt, obviously, that shirt is too tight. However, there can’t be too much extra fabric either. We don’t want you to catch a strong gust a wind and start flying away like a kite. The general rule is to have the shirt graze your body and remain hovering around your body shape. Take a look:
photo 3

A Revolution or a Resolution?

Hey guys!

My buddy and I were out shopping last week and we realized that shopping is really hard for us. We are both very tall and skinny… and no one carries our size. Which sucks. We want to do something about it. We started this blog to bring attention to our problem… WE WANT CLOTHES THAT FIT PROPERLY! So, were going to be on here ranting about our past experiences, different brands and styles we like, what things work, what things don’t work, and most importantly… HOW CLOTHES SHOULD FIT. We want to bring everyone together who struggles to find stuff that fits, give them stylish tips, and arm them with the knowledge to straight kill it in the style department. This goes for guys and girls. But don’t leave it up to just us! We want to hear your stories, your tips, and your experiences. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! We want everyone to get involved here. Let yourself be heard!