Fashion FAQs

Whether it was through comments, e-mail, or in person, I have been asked a few questions regarding some more fashion rules style tips. I think these questions are good for everyone to know the answers to so let’s dissect them now.

“Do I leave the bottom button of an overcoat unbuttoned?”

The answer is no. Only blazers and suit coats need to have the bottom button left undone. The reason is to make the outfit look less uptight and more relaxed. As far as items like trench coats or peacoats goes, keep them buttoned all the way. You may undo the last one if you like, but it is not necessary.

“What color shoes do I wear with a light grey suit?

With a grey suit, almost any shoes will be appropriate. Black, oxblood, and a medium to dark brown will look the best. A simple rule that needs to be followed is your shoes should always be darker than your suit, so be sure to choose a shade of brown (if you do decide to go with that color) darker than your suit’s shade of grey. If it is your first pair of nice shoes, go with black. It is a timeless color that will complement almost any suit color.

“What is the proper way to roll your sleeves?”

While there are many different ways to roll sleeves, different types will give you different styles. The most common and most comfortable way is to just take the cuff of the sleeve and fold that continuously up the arm until you have reached a desired length. While this is the most common, it looks the worst because it’s the sloppiest of the rolls.

For the smaller build, it is recommended to take the cuff, fold it in half, and then roll it up the arm. The smaller-sized cuffs will be more appealing and the extra rolls will give a better fit.

For everyone else, stick with “The Master Sleeve Roll”, as told by In this roll, fold the cuff of the shirt up and bring it to where you want the end of the roll to end up. Then, take the part of the fold that is closest to your hand and begin to roll it to your cuff. This is the best way to fold shirts because it allows you to pick any particular length and width of the roll as well as giving you the best fit around your arms. Here is how to do the fold, brought to you by

“How do I properly tuck in a shirt?”

This is a fairly simple but great question because as easy as it sounds, many people do not know. When getting dressed in the morning, make sure your shirt and socks are the first things you put on. Your pants go last. This is so your socks stay fully spread up your ankles and so your shirt can hang as you put on the pants. When pulling the pants up your legs, make sure the zipper and button(s) are undone. Shove the front and back ends of the shirt down the pants as far as they can go, then take any excess material around the sides of the shirt and fold them toward your rear end in order to create a crisp fold with a formed fit. Adjust the buttons of the shirt so they line up with the zipper of your pants and then you’ll be good to go.




A Revolution or a Resolution?

Hey guys!

My buddy and I were out shopping last week and we realized that shopping is really hard for us. We are both very tall and skinny… and no one carries our size. Which sucks. We want to do something about it. We started this blog to bring attention to our problem… WE WANT CLOTHES THAT FIT PROPERLY! So, were going to be on here ranting about our past experiences, different brands and styles we like, what things work, what things don’t work, and most importantly… HOW CLOTHES SHOULD FIT. We want to bring everyone together who struggles to find stuff that fits, give them stylish tips, and arm them with the knowledge to straight kill it in the style department. This goes for guys and girls. But don’t leave it up to just us! We want to hear your stories, your tips, and your experiences. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK! We want everyone to get involved here. Let yourself be heard!