Fashion FAQs

Whether it was through comments, e-mail, or in person, I have been asked a few questions regarding some more fashion rules style tips. I think these questions are good for everyone to know the answers to so let’s dissect them now.

“Do I leave the bottom button of an overcoat unbuttoned?”

The answer is no. Only blazers and suit coats need to have the bottom button left undone. The reason is to make the outfit look less uptight and more relaxed. As far as items like trench coats or peacoats goes, keep them buttoned all the way. You may undo the last one if you like, but it is not necessary.

“What color shoes do I wear with a light grey suit?

With a grey suit, almost any shoes will be appropriate. Black, oxblood, and a medium to dark brown will look the best. A simple rule that needs to be followed is your shoes should always be darker than your suit, so be sure to choose a shade of brown (if you do decide to go with that color) darker than your suit’s shade of grey. If it is your first pair of nice shoes, go with black. It is a timeless color that will complement almost any suit color.

“What is the proper way to roll your sleeves?”

While there are many different ways to roll sleeves, different types will give you different styles. The most common and most comfortable way is to just take the cuff of the sleeve and fold that continuously up the arm until you have reached a desired length. While this is the most common, it looks the worst because it’s the sloppiest of the rolls.

For the smaller build, it is recommended to take the cuff, fold it in half, and then roll it up the arm. The smaller-sized cuffs will be more appealing and the extra rolls will give a better fit.

For everyone else, stick with “The Master Sleeve Roll”, as told by In this roll, fold the cuff of the shirt up and bring it to where you want the end of the roll to end up. Then, take the part of the fold that is closest to your hand and begin to roll it to your cuff. This is the best way to fold shirts because it allows you to pick any particular length and width of the roll as well as giving you the best fit around your arms. Here is how to do the fold, brought to you by

“How do I properly tuck in a shirt?”

This is a fairly simple but great question because as easy as it sounds, many people do not know. When getting dressed in the morning, make sure your shirt and socks are the first things you put on. Your pants go last. This is so your socks stay fully spread up your ankles and so your shirt can hang as you put on the pants. When pulling the pants up your legs, make sure the zipper and button(s) are undone. Shove the front and back ends of the shirt down the pants as far as they can go, then take any excess material around the sides of the shirt and fold them toward your rear end in order to create a crisp fold with a formed fit. Adjust the buttons of the shirt so they line up with the zipper of your pants and then you’ll be good to go.




The Most Basic Fashion Rules That Everyone Should Know

Fashion can be a very complicated art. Designers are constantly coming out with different trends that change with the seasons. While there are some styles that come in and out, there are rules in place to keep these styles in check and will never leave us. These basic rules should be understood by everyone to harness these different styles so we can look our best. Let’s dissect them now.

Match Leathers: If you didn’t know to match your shoes with your belt, I am very glad you found this article. While many rules can be broken if done correctly, this one should never be altered with. Black belt? Black shoes. Brown belt? Brown shoes. Easy as that. Don’t worry if your browns are a little off, just don’t be wearing tan shoes with a dark brown belt.

Give Ties Proper Length: Ties should always be ending with the tip of the tie just touching your belt, no exceptions. Take the extra care and time to fix your tie and ensure the length is where it needs to be. The additional tries will definitely be worth the perfectly tied tie.

Do Not Match Pocket Squares and Ties: That’s right. A pocket square is meant to compliment your tie, not match it. Find something with a similar color scheme as your tie but never actually wear a pocket square that has the same material and pattern as your tie. If your tie has small black and red checkers, do not have a pocket square with small black and red checkers. The only exception is when you are dressed formally in a monochrome tie or bow tie, a plain silk pocket square of that color may be sported with it.

Wear Ties Darker than Your Shirt: This one is simple. If you have a dark blue shirt, do not wear a yellow pastel tie with it. The darker and bolder colors take the emphasis of the outfit and the tie should be the focal point. If you wear a shirt that is darker than your tie, you defeat the whole purpose of wearing a tie in the first place.

Unbutton Your Bottom Button: Unless you are of military personnel (thank you for your service), unbutton the bottom button of a suit coat or blazer. This rule has been around for centuries, so don’t think you can make it work by buttoning all of them. If you do, it makes you look tense and uptight. With a three-buttoned jacket, the top one may be undone as well, just make sure that middle one stays together.

Know the Different Dressing Lingo: If you don’t know what business casual or semi-formal means, you are not the only one. Check out The Cheater’s Guide to What Business Formal (and Other Dress Codes) Means where we dissect each of the different terms and tell you exactly how to dress for that occasion.

No Navy and Black: The only time you should wear these two colors together is when you have are wearing a navy suit. Black shoes should then be worn. Other than that, these colors are too similar and offer too little of contrast to be worn together.

No Khaki and Khaki: Just don’t do it. You’ll look like a camel.

Two Patterns per Outfit: When wearing a shirt and tie, the shirt can be vertically striped and the tie can be checkered; however, no more patterns after that or it will be overkill. And if you’re wearing a statement pattern like floral or camo, then no more patterns after that one. You will come across as if you’re begging for attention and believe me when I say you’ll get it. But it will more be people talking about how ridiculous you look, and no one wants that. One or two patterns is all you need to differentiate yourself and keep you looking good.

Own What You Wear: No matter what you are wearing, own it. Be confident in the clothes you put on your body because that confidence will make you look all that much better.

What Clothes Look Best on Your Body Type

Everyone is different. We all come in such weird shapes and sizes, making there no such thing as a “normal” looking body. And because we all don’t look the same, different clothing items will not all fit us all the same. There are certain selections of clothes that look better on one body type than another, making it essential that you understand who you are before you analyze your closet in the morning. So what are the body types? There are three different categories that your body can fall into: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Before we get into what clothes look good on each, let’s learn a bit about what each type means. Here’s a chart from that shares some qualities for each class. If you’re wondering which one you are, you can take their test here and find out.

Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s begin to look at what clothes look good to wear for each type.


Ectomorph: Look for anything with the words “slim”, “fitted”, or “tailored”. You want shirts to just graze the body. Unlike popular belief, dressing in bigger and wider clothes will only make you look thinner, so be sure to find a proper fit. Find shirts with a semi-spread or spread collar to give the appearance of a wider body with emphasis on the shoulders.

Mesomorph: Because of your natural “V” shape (wide at the shoulders and thin at the waist), try to find shirts that share this fit. Look for “regular” or “classic” labels on shirts when you are shopping and be on the lookout for one that gets thinner as it goes down. Semi-spread collars will be the best for this body type because there is no need to widen the shoulders more with a spread collar.

Endomorph: Opposite of the mesomorphs, you’re going to want to try to find shirts that get wider as they go down; however, you want to make sure the shoulders fit well (if you need help, see How a Shirt Should Fit You) and the shirt is not too big. Always tuck in shirts when they can be, as this will give a slimmer appearance. Collars should be standard or narrow.


Ectomorph: Proper fit is crucial with this group. You want to always wear slim, straight, or slim-straight. If you try to wear relaxed fit or bootcut, it will look like you’re a little kid trying to wear Dad’s jeans. If you try to wear skinny, it will make you look a lot thinner than you actually are.

Mesomorph: Straight leg pants will be your best friend. They will perfectly balance out the “V” shape up top and make any outfit look more put together.

Endomorph: Wear relaxed fit or boot-cut. Relaxed fit will have a wider waist and thighs whereas bootcut will give more room around the calves. Depending on the shape of your legs, experiment with which gives you the best fit and stick to that.


Ectomorph: Your body type is at a bit of an advantage here because trendy patterns and bold fabrics will look best on you. For example, a sweater with deep grooves should be chosen over a simple crew neck sweater. Patterns that are bigger and more rich will add weight to its piece, making your body look more “full”.

Mesomorph: As far as stripes, dots, plaid, and other patterns go, find something in the sizes of small to medium. Too big of patterns might add too much weight to your torso, so wear clothes that are less bold.

Endomorph: Stay with the classics and choose to wear clothes that are monochromatic or have subtle patterns. The impact of bolder designs or color patterns will give you extra weight. Also, stay away from vertical stripes. They do not actually make you look thinner. They do the opposite actually because when people follow the stripes down from head to toe, the stripes are seen to move in an angle outward, heavily exaggerating your body shape.

And that’s all for today. If you have any individual questions of what to wear or need clarification, feel free to comment below. We would love to help you out. No one should ever go out looking like this:

Top 9 Clothing Items to Gear Up for Winter- Men and Women

It’s that time of year again: the brutal transition between fall and winter. It’s that time we can never fully be prepared for nor are ready for. Be that as it may, we all need to start gearing up for yet another winter ahead. Being from the midwest United States, I have already experienced some snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures, making me sure that this article was not released too early. Anyway, let’s kick things off and begin the list.

Roll Neck/Turtleneck Sweater: One of the fashion trends we saw for this fall and winter was to wear sweaters that cover up the neck. We suggest wearing some roll necks or turtlenecks to make you look fashionable and keep you warm. There have been a countless number of styles to choose from, so all you have to do is a little bit of shopping to find the one that’s right for you.

Knit Infinity Scarf: Yes, this does apply to guys too. Over the past few seasons, statement scarves have been “in”. This means wearing a big and bold scarf to act as the centerpiece of your outfit. Infinity scarves are just the way to do it. They are scarves that have their two ends connected, making them look never-ending (that’s where the infinity comes from if you didn’t catch it). They normally come in a heavier material that fits snug around your neck, making the thickness and the tightness of infinity scarves perfect for the cold weather.

Overcoat: We’ve all seen it: that person walking down the streets wearing a beautiful suit only to be ruined by their bright red ski jacket. Keep the look clean with a complimentary overcoat. Not only will you protect your suit (or other fine garments) from the harsh winter, but you will also add a whole new level of professionalism to the outfit. For women, we want to suggest the trench coat. It is a timeless clothing item that will forever look good.

Dark Jeans: Send the light-wash jeans south for the winter, because the foundation of a good casual outfit in this season is the dark jeans. Most people already have a pair of these in the closet, so no purchasing will be necessary. Also, look into sporting some other dark colors like black, gray, or tan. It will switch up your style from the typical blue and allow for some different color combinations.

Water-Proof Hiking/Combat Boots: Speaking of dark jeans, save their bottoms by investing in a water-proof pair of boots. Your feet will be kept warm and you won’t be slipping on every bit of ice on the ground. Both hiking and combat boots are great stylish choices, but make sure that they are water-proof. The last thing you want is water and snow getting to your feet and bringing winter to the inside of the shoe.

Knit Hat: Your ears are one of the most miserable places on your body to be freezing cold. Ear-muffs are okay but most of them look goofy and can’t provide for that all-around warmth like the beanie can. There are two good options for winter hats: the thick knit hat for a more classic and professional look, or the extra-long beanie for a hip and trendy style. Both will get the job done and are an easy investment for the season.

Thick Wool Socks: Here at Pared, we are all about the socks. In early fall, we were preaching for people to wear bold socks. And now that it’s winter, we are still preaching for people to wear bold socks. Nothing adds emphasis and a burst of style to an outfit more than a pair of fun-patterned socks. The only difference between fall and winter is it would be more beneficial to make them a lot thicker this season. Thick wool socks can make all the difference in keeping you warm.

Quilted Jacket: If there was one fashion trend to get into this season it would be the quilted jacket. It’s the perfect casual outerwear that could be worn any time you are not wearing your overcoat. Navy or black would be good colors to look for, but feel free to look at other colors as well.

Patterned Pants: Winter is the perfect season to be wearing different patterns and prints on your pants. The ladies have been wearing printed leggings for quite a bit of time now, so if you haven’t purchased a few pairs, now is the time to do so. Abstract prints would probably be the best for this season. Men, corduroys should be in all of your closets. It’s a warmer pair of pants that adds a little something extra. To stay hip and trendy, a soft camouflage print would do you some justice this season. We’re predicting the style won’t be out soon, so you would get a good amount of use out of them.

Well, there you have it guys. Thanks for reading and make sure to like, comment, and share if you enjoyed it. To subscribe to Pared, enter your email in the top right to get the latest advice and trends as soon as they’re written.

Top 9 Timeless Clothing Items – Men and Women

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first installment of a Top 9’s countdown! Each month, we will bring you the Top 9 of something in the fashion industry. The Top 9’s for the Month of October: Clothing pieces that will never go out of style. Since we here at Pared are equal-opportunity bloggers, we decided to publish a list for Guys AND a list for Girls. Ladies first!


Little Black Dress

Just reading that headline immediately brought guys and girls to the same image: A black dress that falls above the knee that can be dressed up or down depending on the event. It looks great on its own but also works well with accessories making it a timeless piece.

Blue Blazer

Some of you might not be tracking with us when we throw Blazers into the discussion, but these will never go out of style. Job interview? Throw on the Blue Blazer over a button up and dress skirt. Night out? Throw on the Blue Blazer and some jeans. While it does provide a little bit more formal of a look, the Blue Blazer can be used for virtually any occassion.

Classic Button Up

Need we say more? Button up shirts are the epitome of versatility, something you can probably tell is a common theme among timeless clothing.

Casual Dress/Sun Dress

While these might be more suited for warm summertime weather, it will be a cold day in hell before these go out of style. For best results, try having a few different go-to dresses in different colors and patterns to mix up the wardrobe. P.S. – The thin belt around a casual dress is a great look 100 percent of the time.


Comfortable yet stylish, sophisticated yet affordable, flats are everything a lady could want in a shoe. They go great with just about anything and can be worn at any occasion. Tall girls: flats are clutch when it comes to dressing up without making you appear too tall, which brings us to our next piece of clothing…heels.


Stilettos, pumps, wedges, booties, they all have one thing in common: it’s a high-heeled shoe. The options are endless, which allows for some of these to be more trendy than classic. However, the concept of high-heels has never faded as a premier choice for women’s fashion.

Dark Jeans

Now don’t get us wrong, light jeans have their place in fashion too, but dark jeans fall into the “never go out of style” category because they are casually classy and always will be.

Trench Coat

Keeping you warm and stylish since the mid 1800’s, this piece is coming up on it’s 160th birthday and isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.


A watch is one of those little things that goes a long way. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I spend money or two or three watches when I have a phone that tells me the time?” That’s a fair question, but if you’re in a meeting or on a date that’s going south and you want to know the time without being rude, it’s a lot easier to glance at your wrist than to pull your phone out of your bag.

Now for the Fellas!


Navy Suit/Blazer

Ladies look great in blue blazers, but this is a must-have for guys as well. A well-fitted navy suit or blazer can be worn to occasions as fancy as a wedding or as relaxed as a night out to the bars. Key word: well-fitted. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good tailor!

Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt

Now this one is almost strictly for a more relaxed look, but can be worn under certain articles of clothing (see navy blazer) to provide a sophisticated yet chill look. If you can have a solid t-shirt in each color, you open your options up when it comes to “layering.”

Classic Button-Up

Much like the ladies, this piece can work well in any situation. Very formal: wear it under a blazer or suit with a nice tie. Formal: Experiment with how many buttons to leave undone (see “How to Look Good in Clothes that you Already Have“) or with a tie. Casual: Wear it alone with the sleeves rolled. You have options.

Dark Jeans

Sorry guys, but light jeans should only really be worn on three occasions: if it’s summertime and you want a brighter outfit, if you can time travel back to the 90’s, or if you just had a child and are really going for the dad look. Other than that, stick with the dark jeans.


Now understand khakis are like a blank canvas. The color can go with almost anything (except another khaki color and some greys) and there are multiple styles. Khakis can be as dressy as slacks or as relaxed as jeans with a khaki coloring. Just make sure to wear the right style with the right occassions.

Black/Brown Dress Shoes

My buddy John was getting ready for an interview the other day and had a great outfit: Light blue button up, neatly-pressed khakis, and a brown belt (which is our next item on the list). He then proceeded to throw on worn-down Sperry’s and almost went to the interview looking like that. I asked, “Why aren’t you wearing dress shoes and dress socks?” To which he replied, “I’ll never need those in my industry (he’s a chemist).” WRONG. Everyone needs one pair of brown leather and one pair of black leather dress shoes. End of discussion.

Leather Belt

Much like the shoes, leather belts are both timeless and essential. When wearing jeans, one can get away with the no-belt look. However, if you are wearing leather shoes, match those shoes with the same or a similar color leather belt. It goes a long way and will never go out of style.


See the women’s watch paragraph but replace “bag” with “pocket.” NEXT!

Ray Ban Wayfarer’s

Last but not least is a timeless accessory. They’ve been around since the Kennedy administration and if they are good enough for the Commander-in-Chief, they’re good enough for you.

This Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

What’s up, everyone!

How many of you have gone shopping and just been overwhelmed by the different clothing items you see? You look around in the store and you’re like, “shoot… what’s in this season? What do I buy?” Well we’re here to help you out. We’re going to tell you everything that’s trending this year… along with our opinion on whether these trends will stay or not. Some are awesome and others are a little unexpected. But here’s the fashion lowdown for this fall and winter.

The Sixties are Back

No, this doesn’t mean grow an afro and buy some bell bottoms (although, that would be incredible). Rather, men need to tailor their pants to a slim fit that are cropped around the ankle, and women—look for some mini-dresses with those bold 60’s patterns.

Will it stay?    We can only hope so.

Lots and Lots of Green

Here comes Kermit the Frog’s favorite fashion trend this season. We’re not telling you to dress in green from head to toe, but think about investing in some olive pants or a nice jacket.

Will it stay?    Yup! We’re thinking this will be around for a few seasons.

Arts and Crafts

Here’s a ladies-only trend. Coats and dresses are taking on some surprising new materials. We’re looking at dresses that look like something you would get from an art show. In addition, a surprising material is also taking the stage. Velvet.

Will it stay? Ehh… Let me know if someone actually buys one of these.

Ponchos and Blankets

The designers are predicting a brutally cold winter because they’re attempting to fully equip girls with heavy ponchos and oversized carrying blankets for the fellas. Wondering what a carrying blanket is? Literally a blanket that you carry around on your shoulder.

Will it stay?    Stylish ponchos for girls, YES. These carrying mankets? Not a chance.

Oversized Coats

While in our last blog we said to stay away from gigantic clothes, this trend is all about the XL length, not the XL width. Many of these are raincoats or a coat that would fit nicely over a suit. This trend goes for girls, as well.

Will it stay?    Until spring, at best.

Black on Black… With some White

The trend is exactly how it sounds. We’re looking at all black with a white trim somewhere in the outfit. And ladies, for you we have seen that trim of white get substituted with a trim of neon.

Will it stay?    Every time the designers try to come out with single-color look, it always crashes and burns. Last season, they told us all gray was in, and did we ever see much of it? Not really. So no, it’s not staying.


That’s right, orange. We’re not just talking about an orange tie or some orange heels. These fashion gurus are putting out blazers and dresses in this loud and flashy color.

Will it stay?    We’re saying yes on this one. We’re already seeing stores supporting this new trend by stocking their shelves with every shade imaginable.

Cover Up that Neck

As a type of body that encourages sweaters, we slim and tall folk should accept this trend with opened arms. Time to break out those turtlenecks and rollnecks because here’s a trend that we think will stay.

Will it stay?    We’re predicting this one will be around for a few seasons.

Slim-Cut Quilted Jackets

Well that’s good news. Slim fits to make us look good and a warm quilted jacket to fight against the cold weather.

 Will it stay?    Just like the baseball jackets we’ve seen in previous seasons, we think this one will be here to stay.

 Unexpected Hats

For guys, it’s the fedora. It’ll take a bold personality to pull it off, but it’s doable. For the women, it’s a wide-brimmed hat that gives them a Southwestern look.

Will it stay?    We’ll believe it when we see it.

Trends Here to Stay

Cropped/rolled pants, camouflage, and baseball jackets. So if you haven’t invested yet, it’s time to do so.


Out of all the trends we have seen for this fall, these are the ones that are most likely to stay. If you’re feeling bold, go out and get one of those velvet dresses, or something that you never thought you could pull off. The key to dressing trendy is to dress with confidence. Find what you like and what you think you look good in and wear it proud.

*For visuals, follow the hyperlinks within the article! We’re scared of copyright laws*

Guys Fashion 101

Happy Monday everybody!

Yes… I know Monday’s suck, but I’ve got some great stuff to share with you all to make your day a little better. I’ve got a lot to share so let’s just get right to the point. Today, I’m going to dish out some tips for us tall/skinny guys on what you should be wearing and how to look awesome!

Tailored Fit Clothing I cannot stress enough how important this is… Especially for people with slim body types. Tailored fit clothing is crucial, guys! Many think that wearing bigger sizes will add figure and strength to their bodies, when it actually does just the opposite! Think about it… They cover up every shape on your body and make you look EVEN SMALLER. You’ll be walking around like a turtle in an oversized shell. Slim tailored fit clothing is a must.

Pants/Jeans- It’s really important that you don’t wear pants that are too wide or too thin. Wearing trousers that are too big makes your torso look disproportionate to the rest of your body. Even if you find pants with the correct waist size, they may be too baggy. You’re buying jeans, not sweatpants. So if you can fit another set of legs into a pair of pants, don’t wear them. In addition, stay away from skinny jeans. Guys, wearing skinny jeans will make you look even thinner. Also, if you can, get yourself some corduroys or other texture-defined pants. For larger body types these heavy fabrics can be overpowering, but for you they would be perfect.


T-Shirts- Guys, this is the easiest thing for your wardrobe to be fixed. If you’re on the taller and thinner side, crew neck t-shirts are recommended. V-necks are OK, but they can make you look even thinner. Just watch how deep the “V” is… the shallower the better. Find crew necks that are long enough on the waist and tight enough around the torso and you’ll be all set.

Sweaters- Get excited people because winter is a thin person’s best season. Winter clothes look the best on slim people because it allows them to wear lots of layers without looking too big or bulky. Sweaters are a big factor here. Like t-shirts, try to stay away from v-neck sweaters and look for turtlenecks, quarter-zip, and cardigans (zip or button-down). And like we said with pants, try to find sweaters with textures and patterns ingrained because they especially look good for your slim body type.

Trendy Styles- You’re in luck. Why? Because those fashion designers in Europe have your body type specifically in mind when creating each season’s fashion trends. These trends often have bold pieces that only the thin can typically pull off. We’ll make sure to share with you some of this season’s fashion trends soon. But for now, try to get yourself a few trendy pieces per season. They won’t break the bank and will keep you in style.

How a Shirt Should Fit You

Alright guys,

When I’m out on the streets, I can’t help but notice people out and about wearing shirts that don’t fit their body types. I see this time and time again on tall and/or slim body types.  Either the person’s shirt is so big that they’re swimming in them or so tight that they’re being suffocated. If you’re one of these people, ITS OK! As I mentioned before, I’ve had my fair share of struggles when it’s come to clothes shopping. It just takes a little practice, people. Even though it may be difficult, those shirts that fit perfectly are out there. You just need to know what to look for. Next time you are out shopping, this is what you should search for:

Sleeve Length-  Over the years, I’ve noticed that this feature on a shirt is really difficult for us tall/slim people to find. The hardest part about it, hands down, is finding a sleeve long enough for us. Often times I’ll find an awesome shirt and want to pull out my wallet immediately, but when I throw it on in the dressing room, I find myself now wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt. THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT! I know you all feel my pain. But I’ve also seen just the opposite. People will go try a shirt on and it covers what they need, along with what they don’t. They say, “Oh look, it covers my entire arm! I’m good to go”. But really, it covers their arms, hands, fingers, and everything that shouldn’t be covered. And bunching up the sleeve isn’t going to solve anything. If you do that, you’re gonna be walking around looking like Popeye with material bunched up around the forearm. Moral of the story, your shirt should end right at the joint between your hand and wrist. This is what you’re lookin’ for:

photo 1

Shoulder Seam- A lot of people I know aren’t even aware of this. Its often neglected entirely. Listen up, people. The shoulder seam placement can and make the difference between looking like an overdressed hobo and looking sleek, sexy, and stylish. If the seam rests on top of the shoulder, the shirt will ride up the shoulder and make it look tight. If the seam sits below the shoulder, then the shirt looks sad and baggy as it falls from where it should be. The shoulder seam needs to be right on the curve of your shoulder in order for it to look fitted. Prime example of perfection right here:

photo 2

Tightness of the Torso- When you look at what you’re wearing, how much extra room do you have around your belly? If you’re like the rest of us, then it is usually way too much. The fit around the torso is the most noticeable way to tell if the piece fits or not. However, this also depends on one’s personal preference. So go ahead and cheer because there is some wiggle room here. Personally, I enjoy a tighter fit. But, I also have friends who like the “loose” fit. But that’s an entirely different story that we’ll tackle another time. Either way, some guidelines need to be followed. The shirt should not be too tight. We’re already thin enough and don’t need to be showing that off any more. If you find it difficult to inhale because the expansion of your lungs is restricted by your shirt, obviously, that shirt is too tight. However, there can’t be too much extra fabric either. We don’t want you to catch a strong gust a wind and start flying away like a kite. The general rule is to have the shirt graze your body and remain hovering around your body shape. Take a look:
photo 3