Bootcut? Relaxed Fit? Slim-Straight? Here’s Exactly What They All Mean

The worst part about shopping for jeans is knowing what the heck you’re supposed to buy. It seems like there are a million different cuts and styles to choose from but what do they all mean? Well, we here at Pared People are ready to break it down for you so that you know exactly what to look for when you’re out on the field finding clothes. If you don’t have time to read each individual description, check out The Jean Chart at the bottom for a quick summary of each style.

Bootcut: This style of denim became popular in the 1800s when cowboys needed jeans to wear that would be tight enough for the cowboys to ride horses but wide enough in the calf so that their boots would fit underneath. To this day, bootcut jeans still have that same fit. They are regular fit around the waist and thigh but widen at the calf to fit any boot inside.

Slim: Slim-fit jeans are recommended for all of the thin people out there. The denim is cut extra-thin in the thighs and calves to ensure a more form-fitted pair of jeans. These are currently the trendy style of jeans that look best when rolled up or folded in the calf.

Tapered: While very similar to slim-fit, tapered jeans stay regular fit up through the thigh and become slim fit in the calves. This gives them the “tapering” that the name describes. Like slim-fit, they provide a trendy look but for those who may not have a thin build.

Straight: This fit is one of the most classic cuts and it never goes out of style. Straight fit can be described as just the normal type jean. It stays regular fit up in the thigh and does not taper or get wider at the calf like the bootcut and tapered fits. It simply keeps its regular fit going all the way down, giving it the “straight” in its name.

Slim-Straight: Because sometimes people with a thinner body type want that classic look too, our designer friends have given them this cut of denim to ensure that they can have it. Slim-straight works by slimming down the thigh region of the jeans and keeping the calf straight going down. No tapering. No widening. Classic.

Relaxed: Recommended for people with wider legs, the relaxed fit will open up around the thighs, providing extra room from the waist to the knee. The calf of the relaxed fit jeans can either widen towards the bottom or stay straight coming down depending on the brand of jeans. These jeans are perfect for both comfort and play.

Skinny: Basically, the skinny cut is just an exaggerated slim fit. They are extra thin around both the thighs and calves to show off the lower figure of the person wearing them. Everyone can point out a pair of skinny jeans when they see them, so there is no need to go into further explanation. (Not shown on chart)

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.52.03 PM
*Yes, it does exist

And there you have it. Now you’re all experts and know the difference between all of the different cuts and styles. Thanks for reading everyone, and be sure to like, comment, or share if you like it.


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