What Clothes Look Best on Your Body Type

Everyone is different. We all come in such weird shapes and sizes, making there no such thing as a “normal” looking body. And because we all don’t look the same, different clothing items will not all fit us all the same. There are certain selections of clothes that look better on one body type than another, making it essential that you understand who you are before you analyze your closet in the morning. So what are the body types? There are three different categories that your body can fall into: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Before we get into what clothes look good on each, let’s learn a bit about what each type means. Here’s a chart from bodybuilding.com that shares some qualities for each class. If you’re wondering which one you are, you can take their test here and find out.

Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s begin to look at what clothes look good to wear for each type.


Ectomorph: Look for anything with the words “slim”, “fitted”, or “tailored”. You want shirts to just graze the body. Unlike popular belief, dressing in bigger and wider clothes will only make you look thinner, so be sure to find a proper fit. Find shirts with a semi-spread or spread collar to give the appearance of a wider body with emphasis on the shoulders.

Mesomorph: Because of your natural “V” shape (wide at the shoulders and thin at the waist), try to find shirts that share this fit. Look for “regular” or “classic” labels on shirts when you are shopping and be on the lookout for one that gets thinner as it goes down. Semi-spread collars will be the best for this body type because there is no need to widen the shoulders more with a spread collar.

Endomorph: Opposite of the mesomorphs, you’re going to want to try to find shirts that get wider as they go down; however, you want to make sure the shoulders fit well (if you need help, see How a Shirt Should Fit You) and the shirt is not too big. Always tuck in shirts when they can be, as this will give a slimmer appearance. Collars should be standard or narrow.


Ectomorph: Proper fit is crucial with this group. You want to always wear slim, straight, or slim-straight. If you try to wear relaxed fit or bootcut, it will look like you’re a little kid trying to wear Dad’s jeans. If you try to wear skinny, it will make you look a lot thinner than you actually are.

Mesomorph: Straight leg pants will be your best friend. They will perfectly balance out the “V” shape up top and make any outfit look more put together.

Endomorph: Wear relaxed fit or boot-cut. Relaxed fit will have a wider waist and thighs whereas bootcut will give more room around the calves. Depending on the shape of your legs, experiment with which gives you the best fit and stick to that.


Ectomorph: Your body type is at a bit of an advantage here because trendy patterns and bold fabrics will look best on you. For example, a sweater with deep grooves should be chosen over a simple crew neck sweater. Patterns that are bigger and more rich will add weight to its piece, making your body look more “full”.

Mesomorph: As far as stripes, dots, plaid, and other patterns go, find something in the sizes of small to medium. Too big of patterns might add too much weight to your torso, so wear clothes that are less bold.

Endomorph: Stay with the classics and choose to wear clothes that are monochromatic or have subtle patterns. The impact of bolder designs or color patterns will give you extra weight. Also, stay away from vertical stripes. They do not actually make you look thinner. They do the opposite actually because when people follow the stripes down from head to toe, the stripes are seen to move in an angle outward, heavily exaggerating your body shape.

And that’s all for today. If you have any individual questions of what to wear or need clarification, feel free to comment below. We would love to help you out. No one should ever go out looking like this:


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