Top 9 Timeless Clothing Items – Men and Women

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first installment of a Top 9’s countdown! Each month, we will bring you the Top 9 of something in the fashion industry. The Top 9’s for the Month of October: Clothing pieces that will never go out of style. Since we here at Pared are equal-opportunity bloggers, we decided to publish a list for Guys AND a list for Girls. Ladies first!


Little Black Dress

Just reading that headline immediately brought guys and girls to the same image: A black dress that falls above the knee that can be dressed up or down depending on the event. It looks great on its own but also works well with accessories making it a timeless piece.

Blue Blazer

Some of you might not be tracking with us when we throw Blazers into the discussion, but these will never go out of style. Job interview? Throw on the Blue Blazer over a button up and dress skirt. Night out? Throw on the Blue Blazer and some jeans. While it does provide a little bit more formal of a look, the Blue Blazer can be used for virtually any occassion.

Classic Button Up

Need we say more? Button up shirts are the epitome of versatility, something you can probably tell is a common theme among timeless clothing.

Casual Dress/Sun Dress

While these might be more suited for warm summertime weather, it will be a cold day in hell before these go out of style. For best results, try having a few different go-to dresses in different colors and patterns to mix up the wardrobe. P.S. – The thin belt around a casual dress is a great look 100 percent of the time.


Comfortable yet stylish, sophisticated yet affordable, flats are everything a lady could want in a shoe. They go great with just about anything and can be worn at any occasion. Tall girls: flats are clutch when it comes to dressing up without making you appear too tall, which brings us to our next piece of clothing…heels.


Stilettos, pumps, wedges, booties, they all have one thing in common: it’s a high-heeled shoe. The options are endless, which allows for some of these to be more trendy than classic. However, the concept of high-heels has never faded as a premier choice for women’s fashion.

Dark Jeans

Now don’t get us wrong, light jeans have their place in fashion too, but dark jeans fall into the “never go out of style” category because they are casually classy and always will be.

Trench Coat

Keeping you warm and stylish since the mid 1800’s, this piece is coming up on it’s 160th birthday and isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.


A watch is one of those little things that goes a long way. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I spend money or two or three watches when I have a phone that tells me the time?” That’s a fair question, but if you’re in a meeting or on a date that’s going south and you want to know the time without being rude, it’s a lot easier to glance at your wrist than to pull your phone out of your bag.

Now for the Fellas!


Navy Suit/Blazer

Ladies look great in blue blazers, but this is a must-have for guys as well. A well-fitted navy suit or blazer can be worn to occasions as fancy as a wedding or as relaxed as a night out to the bars. Key word: well-fitted. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good tailor!

Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt

Now this one is almost strictly for a more relaxed look, but can be worn under certain articles of clothing (see navy blazer) to provide a sophisticated yet chill look. If you can have a solid t-shirt in each color, you open your options up when it comes to “layering.”

Classic Button-Up

Much like the ladies, this piece can work well in any situation. Very formal: wear it under a blazer or suit with a nice tie. Formal: Experiment with how many buttons to leave undone (see “How to Look Good in Clothes that you Already Have“) or with a tie. Casual: Wear it alone with the sleeves rolled. You have options.

Dark Jeans

Sorry guys, but light jeans should only really be worn on three occasions: if it’s summertime and you want a brighter outfit, if you can time travel back to the 90’s, or if you just had a child and are really going for the dad look. Other than that, stick with the dark jeans.


Now understand khakis are like a blank canvas. The color can go with almost anything (except another khaki color and some greys) and there are multiple styles. Khakis can be as dressy as slacks or as relaxed as jeans with a khaki coloring. Just make sure to wear the right style with the right occassions.

Black/Brown Dress Shoes

My buddy John was getting ready for an interview the other day and had a great outfit: Light blue button up, neatly-pressed khakis, and a brown belt (which is our next item on the list). He then proceeded to throw on worn-down Sperry’s and almost went to the interview looking like that. I asked, “Why aren’t you wearing dress shoes and dress socks?” To which he replied, “I’ll never need those in my industry (he’s a chemist).” WRONG. Everyone needs one pair of brown leather and one pair of black leather dress shoes. End of discussion.

Leather Belt

Much like the shoes, leather belts are both timeless and essential. When wearing jeans, one can get away with the no-belt look. However, if you are wearing leather shoes, match those shoes with the same or a similar color leather belt. It goes a long way and will never go out of style.


See the women’s watch paragraph but replace “bag” with “pocket.” NEXT!

Ray Ban Wayfarer’s

Last but not least is a timeless accessory. They’ve been around since the Kennedy administration and if they are good enough for the Commander-in-Chief, they’re good enough for you.


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