How to Look Good in Clothes that you Already Have

On our last few blog posts, we’ve been showing you all what to look for in the stores to enhance your style. Remember: upgrading your wardrobe will not happen overnight. It takes time! You only have so much money to spend. So, we thought it would be a great idea to give you some advice on how to boost your look without touching your wallet.

Use Colors to your Advantage: Before you start pick the colors that you’re going to wear that day, think of the colors that define you naturally. What are the colors of your hair, eyes, and skin? If you have blue or green eyes, try to wear cold colors (blue, green, purple, etc.) that will bring your eyes out. If you have a fair skin, try to find contrasting colors and avoid wearing heavy amounts of black, as this would make you look “washed out”. A great article for advice on how to match colors with your skin tone can be found here.

skin tone

Avoid Tennis Shoes: Tennis shoes and gym shoes are great… when you’re working out or running around. Avoid wearing them any other time. You could be wearing an awesome outfit but have it ruined by wearing a  pair of neon green Nikes. Shoes are the piece that completes an outfit. A clean pair of casual shoes or boots will do justice in any situation.

Rock the Socks: Socks are fantastic. Although they are almost at the bottom part of your body, a bold pair of socks can emphasize the look that you’re going for. They can act as a statement piece that will make a good outfit look great. First thing to stay away from: white socks. Like tennis shoes, they should only be worn during workouts and other physical activity. Another rule is that the color of your socks should match the color of your pants, not your shoes. Find some socks that are bold but will coordinate well with your pants. The only time you don’t want to break out these statement socks are for business settings and funerals. Otherwise, go crazy. You can find cheap socks like these here.

Tuck in your Shoe Laces: Instead of walking around with clunky knots on your shoes, try tucking the knots in. A lot of shoes give you extra long laces, leaving you with Dumbo-sized ears on your knots. Tucking in your laces will give you a fresher, cleaner look. But, this won’t work with all shoes. We’ll give you some examples of which shoes to tuck and others you want to leave alone. Just mess around with it a little bit and see what suits you.

Tame the Mane: Hair is as important as clothes when it comes to the way you look. You need to treat your hair like it’s another piece of clothing. But unlike a certain clothing item, you’re always wearing your hair, so why not make it look as best as possible? Guys, try to find a hair gel or paste that works well with your hair, so you can position it just the way you want. Girls, don’t just throw your hair into a ponytail or bun and call it quits, try different braid and curl combinations to make it stand out. For everyone, always be trying different things with your hair. Experiment with styles and find something that’s right for you.


Rule the Roll (Legs): Rolling your pants will make any outfit look trendy and stylish. Before you roll them to the point where your pants become shorts, let me walk you through some rules. When wearing boots/high top shoes, you usually want to put a single fold in your pants. This creates a fashionable and classy look. When wearing low top shoes, putting multiple rolls in your shoes is acceptable. Usually, you will see people with one to three rolls in their pants. The higher you roll, the more trendy you will look.

Rule the Roll (Arms): When it comes to long sleeve button downs, a good roll never hurt anyone. However, different lengths indicate different things. Rolling to above the elbow is viewed as being really relaxed. Generally, if you’re as thin as us you would want to stay away from this look, as it is unflattering for those with petite arms. Stick with a roll that is below the elbow, and try to make it as tight as possible (without cutting off circulation) to create a better overall fit around the arm. When wearing sweaters, tuck the sweater’s sleeves a little further back and fold over the cuff of your shirt so that it can be shown on top. It will add more substance to what you’re wearing. For short sleeve button ups, giving two folds revolving around the seam can add some style to your look. For more information, take a look at this article.

Work the Buttons: A common question you may ask yourself when throwing on a shirt is, “How many buttons do I leave unbuttoned?”. Well, we’re here to answer just that. The correct answer is there is no right amount. There is a different number for a different look. For a classic style, leave the top button unbuttoned and that’s it. If you want to wear a nice shirt in an informal setting, experiment with unbuttoning two buttons. This will give a classy yet confident look. If you want to look like a Hawaiian then you can keep unbuttoning lower, but we’re just going to stick with two for now. The boldest and bravest one is to button that top button. This will instantly make a simple outfit hip and trendy. And remember, trendy looks best on the slim. Just be careful to use the right shirt for it. But overall, don’t be afraid to try all three methods. Change up the way you look.

The main thing is that you need to be comfortable in what you wear. Everything that you put on your body needs to be worn with confidence. When following our tips, start simple and then branch outward into the latest styles and trends. By making these alterations, you can flip an outfit upside down and change the look of it completely.


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