How a Shirt Should Fit You

Alright guys,

When I’m out on the streets, I can’t help but notice people out and about wearing shirts that don’t fit their body types. I see this time and time again on tall and/or slim body types.  Either the person’s shirt is so big that they’re swimming in them or so tight that they’re being suffocated. If you’re one of these people, ITS OK! As I mentioned before, I’ve had my fair share of struggles when it’s come to clothes shopping. It just takes a little practice, people. Even though it may be difficult, those shirts that fit perfectly are out there. You just need to know what to look for. Next time you are out shopping, this is what you should search for:

Sleeve Length-  Over the years, I’ve noticed that this feature on a shirt is really difficult for us tall/slim people to find. The hardest part about it, hands down, is finding a sleeve long enough for us. Often times I’ll find an awesome shirt and want to pull out my wallet immediately, but when I throw it on in the dressing room, I find myself now wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt. THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT! I know you all feel my pain. But I’ve also seen just the opposite. People will go try a shirt on and it covers what they need, along with what they don’t. They say, “Oh look, it covers my entire arm! I’m good to go”. But really, it covers their arms, hands, fingers, and everything that shouldn’t be covered. And bunching up the sleeve isn’t going to solve anything. If you do that, you’re gonna be walking around looking like Popeye with material bunched up around the forearm. Moral of the story, your shirt should end right at the joint between your hand and wrist. This is what you’re lookin’ for:

photo 1

Shoulder Seam- A lot of people I know aren’t even aware of this. Its often neglected entirely. Listen up, people. The shoulder seam placement can and make the difference between looking like an overdressed hobo and looking sleek, sexy, and stylish. If the seam rests on top of the shoulder, the shirt will ride up the shoulder and make it look tight. If the seam sits below the shoulder, then the shirt looks sad and baggy as it falls from where it should be. The shoulder seam needs to be right on the curve of your shoulder in order for it to look fitted. Prime example of perfection right here:

photo 2

Tightness of the Torso- When you look at what you’re wearing, how much extra room do you have around your belly? If you’re like the rest of us, then it is usually way too much. The fit around the torso is the most noticeable way to tell if the piece fits or not. However, this also depends on one’s personal preference. So go ahead and cheer because there is some wiggle room here. Personally, I enjoy a tighter fit. But, I also have friends who like the “loose” fit. But that’s an entirely different story that we’ll tackle another time. Either way, some guidelines need to be followed. The shirt should not be too tight. We’re already thin enough and don’t need to be showing that off any more. If you find it difficult to inhale because the expansion of your lungs is restricted by your shirt, obviously, that shirt is too tight. However, there can’t be too much extra fabric either. We don’t want you to catch a strong gust a wind and start flying away like a kite. The general rule is to have the shirt graze your body and remain hovering around your body shape. Take a look:
photo 3


One thought on “How a Shirt Should Fit You

  1. This is awesome. I’m 5-foot-11 and 165 pounds so getting the right fit has been a lifelong struggle.

    Thanks so much for writing about this. Great topic!


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